I have been being engaded in some creative activity since my childhood.

Drawing, clay modelling, music, theatre to name a few. Later I became acquinted with rock climbing and the same time was engaged in photography.

I didn't want to become a photographer

     I have been enjoying shooting creative people, and climbers, and mountains because I've been fully involved in the relevant society.

Over the years it has grown into something more than just a hobby.

Now days I shoot rock climbing competitions, mountaineering and marathons as well as many other activities are related to outdoors lifestyle. I prefer live coverage to staged shooting. I also like traveling, mountaineering,  playing drums and ukulele (rather, trying to play ukulele).

    The people who surround me and the events that they brought about,

is what made me who I am.

    Friends, ups and downs, injuries… I appreciate everything have happened to me.

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